About Us

Harvest Sound is a music and publishing label focused on bringing the message of the Gospel to all the nations of the earth through true creativity and Godly compassion. Our purpose is to launch music and musicians into the Harvest. The books, music, and other forms of media we produce are created to strengthen and equip believers and liberate the lost. Scott MacLeod launched Harvest Sound in 2007.



1. To produce Spirit born music that strengthens the church, liberates the lost and financially fuels the global Harvest.


2. To create music (both written and spontaneous) that is useful in taking Believers deeper in their experience and relationship with the Lord.


3. To create music with a revolutionary sound that penetrates the darkness and deception of the world and light’s the way for the lost to taste and see the goodness of God through the gospel of Jesus Christ.


4. To raise finances that directly fund ministries that serve the poor and liberate the lost… this will be done primarily through vehicle of Provision International – a non profit corporation.


5. To raise up strategic equipping for these Creative evangelists through special conferences, Thunder School and practical outreach / missions experiences.


6. To Build an e-commerce engine and community to fuel the Harvest. See www.harvestheart.com


7. To do all that is in our power to glorify God and edify men every step of the way.

"Releasing musicians and creative evangelists into the Harvest."

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