Goers and Senders

by Scott MacLeod


The Lord is putting together strategic relationships of those that will stand together and fight for the advancement of His kingdom in our day. Just like Paul needed Barnabas, and Barnabas needed Paul to accomplish God's highest purpose for their lives, there are strategic partnerships that are being formed today for that same purpose. These friendships/partnerships are designed in Heaven for the advancement of God's express purpose in the Earth. We have been specifically asking the Lord to bring the friends, comrades and companions that he desires for us to walk with.

I believe that when the Body of Christ is healthy and functioning with each one doing their part, every member of the Body naturally falls into one of these two active categories: "goers and senders."

There are many today, especially in the younger generation, that are willing to lay down their lives and "go" and do just as Jesus said to. We are seeing an increase of volunteer workers coming to assist in this work. But just as in any war, soldiers fighting on the front lines need the best equipping and equipment, continual supplies, finances, encouragement and prayers to continue moving forward.

The reality is that not everyone can take a few years of their life and exclusively spend it fighting on the front lines for the poor and the lost. There are some that have family responsibilities and many are legitimately called and anointed to work in the marketplace. These are the ones who have the ability to send those who are willing and able to "go".

As you read this, I encourage you to ask the Lord if you are "goer" or a "sender" for this season of your life. Then ask Him what that role looks like. If everyone became either an active goer or sender, a mighty army would rise up from the Body of Christ to do the great Commission that we have been given by the Lord Himself to do.