What others are saying about Scott MacLeod and his NEW album 

Scott’s intimate relationship with Jesus comes through his music so powerfully, catching everyone who hears it up in deeper devotion with him. It’s beautiful!
- Joe
The first time I listened to this album, tears of joy and a wave of the love of God swept over me. These songs and the music bring a child-like happiness that makes you want to listen to them over and over again.
- Tod
Praise Goes on is a beautifully written album that flows from Pastor Scott’s heart of worship and time with the Lord. The title song, ‘Praise Goes On’ is joyful, clap your hands and dance around kind of song. It lifts your spirit. This album will bless you and usher in the presence of God wherever you are! -
Some people may say this recording is not the “norm” and or is an experimental sound. But would say I felt it is a direct, orchestrated, divine, and honest expression of love songs for and to Jesus and His church to awaken a fearless desire to create a life with God lifting up what he sees, should be the norm.