Austin & Courtney

Austin and Courtney Cordes are not only musicians and songwriters, they're a fun-loving Renaissance couple who are passionate about loving people and building healthy communities and families. They met at Harvest Sound in 2008 and built a friendship in the context of community, then they joined their destinies together in the covenant of marriage in 2015.

This unique couple desires to shift creative arts culture through the power of the Holy Spirit. Creativity flows out of them in many streams such as drama, art, music, outreach, dance, fashion, and song writing. Austin, originally from New Jersey, loves Italian food and has an incredible sense of humor and an awesome teaching ability. Courtney, originally from Tennessee, is an eclectic woman who loves to sew and has a remarkable gift of being a people-person.

They now serve as Harvest Sound's Campus Pastors in Nashville, TN. They also travel to lead worship, partner with ministries in outreach, and teach workshops on creativity, community, worship, and evangelism. Austin and Courtney released their first album, "Strong", in November 2016. The songs on this album speak for the Cordes' journey of love, refinement, and becoming authentic worshippers. The sounds represent a blend of genres that reflect the personalities of Austin and Courtney: reggae, rock, and folk.