Foundry Live: Jazz

Foundry Live: Jazz


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“Jazz is my favorite genre! It’s not everyday you hear of a jazz WORSHIP album! Even better!” -Loren

“Beautiful, refreshing worship!  This is one of my top favorite worship albums, but it’s actually not a regular “worship” album. There are written and improvisational songs and they’re all great. My favorites are “We Lift You High” and “Holy Spirit You Are Awesome”. This is a great album to put on as background music or to chill out to! “ -John

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After 17 years of doing a free-flowing worship gathering on Friday nights, in the Foundry,  we decided to try something different. After lightly throwing around the idea of a jazz album, in all seriousness, we said to ourselves, “let's do a ‘jazz night’ and instrumentally create jazz sounds, have the singers sing, and just see what happens.” The result was quite astounding! Needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised and incredibly encouraged as we felt the anointing of God’s Spirit flow strongly through the spontaneous jazz! With the exception of "Blue No More" and “Holy Spirit You Are Awesome (studio recorded),” everything heard on this recording has come from those very special evenings. We hope that you enjoy what you hear...and that you may, truly be, blue no more!